The Nation’s first multi-level Sports Complex.  With the installation of a second floor created over 82,000 square feet of column-free event space bringing a total of 12 basketball courts to the arena. The courts are striped for basketball, volleyball, futsal and 24 pickleball courts. Sports agility, fitness facilities, health care services, retail, entertainment and dining services surround the two hardwood court floors. Above the second level of courts is one of the largest indoor practice tracks at 350m in length.

In addition to the many sporting activities, the facility can host a wide variety of events ranging from fashion shows, speaking engagements, graduations, team building, and a host of corporate and social events.

Sports & Courts  Indoor Track  Equipment Rental   Fitness Center   Locker Rooms


100 Level

  • 32,000 sq. ft of column free courts lined for volleyball, basketball, & futsal
  • 4 Collegiate / NBA lined courts
    with over 3,900 seating
  • Fitness Center & Locker Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms & Entertainment

200 Level

  • Dining Options & The Bottoms Up Bar
  • Retail, Health & Business Services
  • Fitness Classes
  • Meeting & Conference Rooms

300 Level

  • 52,000 sq.ft-column free courts lined for volleyball, basketball, & pickleball
  • 8 High School / Collegiate lined courts with over 4,500 seating
  • 24 pickleball & 8 volleyball lined courts
  • Retail & Business Services

400 Level

  • 5 Lane Indoor Track
  • Mondo Track Surface to enhance performance & reduce chance of injury
  • Warm-up and Viewing Areas
  • Business Offices

Sports & Courts

Come play with us!  Hy-Vee Arena has column free hardwood maple courts on two levels.  The courts are enabled with PlaySight video and ShotTracker with video streaming available. Separation curtains available.  Rent by the hour or day.  Play your games here, host tournaments, speaking engagements, graduations, or any special event.


• 32,000 square feet of hardwood maple court space

• 4 courts lined for NBA / Collegiate basketball, volleyball, & futsal

• Over 3,900 stadium seating

• Drop down Goals

• Volleyball Sleeves

• 31’ Ceiling Height

• Individual video boards

• Scoreboards


• 52,245 square feet of hardwood maple court space

• 8 courts lined for Collegiate / High School basketball, volleyball, & 24 pickleball courts

• Over 4,500 stadium seating

• 16 Drop down Goals

• 8 Volleyball Sleeves

• 51’ Ceiling Height

• Two 6’x98x video boards

• Scoreboards

Equipment Rental

Forget something?
Not a problem.

We have sports equipment for rental on site. You must have a valid id or driver’s license to rent equipment.  ID will be retained until equipment is checked back in.  Rent each for $5:

  • Kickball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Futsal ball
  • 6 Dodgeballs
  • Whiffle ball & bat
  • Pickleball & 2 paddles

Indoor Track

It doesn’t matter if there is rain, or shine, 100+ degrees, or 20 degrees outside; you can always run on our indoor track!

• 350 meter indoor track

• Mondo track surface

• 5 Lanes

• Warm-up area

• Viewing area along the stretch

• 400 level of The Arena

Please view our Track Rules Here

Fitness Center

Weight Room

Members and those with a day pass have access to the Fitness Center during operating hours.

  • Cybex Nautilus Machines
  • StarTrac Spinners and Stationary Bikes
  • LifeFitness Treadmills
  • Stair Master
  • Free weights
  • Exercise Balls
  • Mats

Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms

Members and those with a day pass have access to the locker rooms during operating hours. There are separate rooms for women and a separate one for men.

  • Women’s Locker Rooms
  • Men’s Locker Rooms
  • Showers
  • Changing benches
  • Hooks
  • Restrooms
  • Changing Room