At Radical Athletic Wear, we don’t tell you what we have to offer.  Instead, we ask you what you are looking for, what you want your uniform to look like, and be made of.  There is NO limitation to your uniform design.  If you can think of it, we can design and create it.  We specializes in custom, one of a kind, 100% sublimated, cut and sew, uniforms.

“Custom, Sublimated, Cut and Sewn Sports Apparel and Uniforms.”

Suite 245 on the West side of the second level

YPG, is a brand striving to create unity within the health and wellness community. We encourage our customers to express their creativity while wearing our apparel. Our passion for originality is highlighted in our unique designs, and we promote a balanced lifestyle through our online nutrition and fitness programs. YPG encourages woman and men worldwide to become educated on nutrition, build strength, and to find peace in their everyday lives. Products Women: Leggings, shorts, bras, shirts, accessories
Suite 310 on the Northeast end of the third level


Wellness education workshops/classes, wellness products: essential oils, essential oil-infused supplements, harsh chemical-free baby/kids care, athlete care, makeup, skincare, men’s care, pet care.
Suite 205 on the Northeast corner of the second level

Suite 224 on the Southeast side of the second level

Saint Luke’s Sports Medicine is here to keep you performing at your best. Certified athletic trainers offer all of the services you need before, during or after you compete. Our state-of-the-art recovery lounge is designed to promote optimal recovery and rehabilitation to help you get back to game-ready shape, faster.
Suite 213 on the North end of the second level

Specializing in haircuts, styling, lashes, and eyebrows services. Top of the Line’s motto is “We aim to please” and consumers are always pleased with their service. They have catered to athletes like Chiefs football players.
Suite 148 on the North end of the first level
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Coming Soon!

Suite 203 on the Northwest side of the second level


COMING SOON!  Featuring art, wigs, and jewelry.
Suite 234 located on the South side of the second level

Respect the Past – Build the Future. We help communities and partners build new projects on vacant sites or develop historic buildings into new uses. Foutch provides Planning and Architecture to offer a guaranteed solution to clients and communities. Each project is backed by the same strong team who has created our successes many communities now share.
Suite 406 located on the fourth level

Medical supplies, such as face masks, face shields, gown, gloves, etc.
Suite 237 located on the Southwest side of the second level

From our easy-to-use digital tools for building playbooks and diagramming plays, to providing automated statistics and in-depth analytics at the collegiate and professional levels, Just Play software products will help any coach improve his or her preparation.
Suite 233 on the South side of the second level

Kansas City Comets, originally called the Missouri Comets, is an indoor soccer league. From 1979 until 1991, the KC Comets played their home games at historic Kemper Arena. In 2010-2011, the KC Comets became an expansion team for the Major Indoor Soccer League. Even though they play their games at Silverstein Eye Center, the refreshed KC Comets are in the newly renovated Hy-Vee Arena.
Suite 231 on the Southeast corner of the second level.

One of the top NCAA Division II conferences in the nation. MIAA student-athletes have won 43 NCAA team championships and, since 1963, over 300 individual national titles. The MIAA currently conducts championships in 10 sports for men and 10 for women.
Suite 320 on the South side the third level

Suite 247 on the West side the second level

A financial and technical consulting firm in the health care industry. Coming June 1st.
Suite 401 on the Southeast side of the fourth level
Visit www.sparkchang.health

Simplify Business. Every business that we work with is focused on taking care of their customers and producing their products and services – to be the most effective, most efficient and most profitable they can be. Syndeo provides more human resources, services, and programs for our clients than anyone else in the state of Kansas. It’s HR made really easy. Suite 246 on the Southwest end of the second level

Specializes in a wide range of construction services which includes the removal and replacement of concrete curbing, sidewalk, driveway, and paving. We pride ourselves in the quality of our service, but more importantly with the quickness in which we provide those services.
Suite 235 on the South side of the second level

Every warrior has a next mission. We know that the transition to civilian life is a journey. And for every warrior, family member, and caregiver, that journey looks different.

We are here for their first step, and each step that follows. Because we believe that every warrior should have a positive future to look forward to. There’s always another goal to achieve, another mission to discover. We are their partner in that mission.
Suite 329 on the Northwest side of the third level.


2 The MAAXE Audio/Video and Event Solutions, with over 20 years of industry event experience, is your complete event solution, from Start 2 Finish!
Suite 201 on the North end of the second level
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Acaudi Production is a videography and photography company located in Hy-Vee Arena. We create opportunities for you with our cameras! Check out our Youtube page to see our work.

Suite 301 on the Northeast corner of the third level

Acaudi Youtube

Studio 83 is a project recording studio for hire with a two area separation for a booth and podcast recording session. We have the latest in recording software and in the box recording gear. Audio recording is available for instrumental musicians and vocal artists of all ages and skill levels. As an artist or someone in need of vocal recordings, you can rent studio time for vocal recording only (with pre-recorded instrumentals), for vocal and instrumental recording, or for professional voice-over recording. All of our pricing and amenities are a flat rate.
Suite 311 on the Northeast end of the third level

Locally owned digital broadcasting company focusing on sporting and entertainment events. We cover all levels of sporting and entertainment events such as banquets, motivational speakers, and pageants. Broadcasts are available through UclickTV via the web, Amazon Fire, AppleTv, and Roku TV.
Suite 255 on the Northwest side of the second level


Great burgers, hot dogs and daily specials
Suite 223 in the Southeast Atrium of the second level
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We’re BRINGING SOUL FOOD TO LIFE ~ Auset’s Vegetarian Cuisine specializes in vegetarian, vegan, and raw dishes with the soul food flavor! The food tastes so good, you would never think it’s vegan! All flavor, no meat! We understand that the body is our temple and we need to be conscious on how we cater to it. Everyone is welcome. Even if you not vegan, you can always test it out. Auset’s Vegetarian Cuisine will be located in suite #202.
Suite 202 on the Northwest side of the second level
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Bottoms Up Bar – West Bottoms, KCMO is a full service bar.  On tap beer includes Boulevard, Blue Moon, KC Bier Co, and Angry Orchard.  If beer isn’t your pleasure, mixed drinks are only a shake away.
East side on the second level

Longboards is the Wrap Shack where island flavors and island style meet the KC food culture. Flavorful wraps and bowls with the best flavors of the Pacific coasts of Hawaii, California, Japan, China, Mexico, and beyond. Hang Loose, Eat Longboards.
Suite 216C on the East side of the second level

Suite 216B in the Southeast Atrium of the second level

FROZEN YOGURT CRAFTED BY ROBOTS! Through an interactive touchscreen ordering system, you simply choose flavors, then toppings, and the robot does all the rest — in 60 seconds or less!
Suite 232 Northwest end of the second level

Rufus Teague has delicious Pulled Pork, Chopped Brisket and Pulled Chicken sandwiches that you can only find in Kansas City.  A part of the KC Hopps family that prides themselves on being locally owned.  This location is only open during events.
Suite 216B on the East side of the second level

At Wing Busters, we pride ourselves in providing food busting with flavor without busting your wallet.
Suite 222 on the East side of the second level

Specializes in high protein smoothies made with a professional grade protein, real fruit, and ingredients, and a premium yogurt base loaded with probiotics. The perfect for meal replacement, weight loss, muscle building, and post game or post workout. We also sell professional grade supplements to help you perform optimally and achieve your fitness goals.
Suite 214B on the East side of the second level

Organic coffees and specialty espresso drinks, breakfast sandwiches and healthy meals with options for all dietary needs.
Suite 214A on the East side of the second level
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Live gaming experience. Set a themed room, solve a series of puzzles and riddles to complete the objective. Use only your wits and elements of the rooms to navigate your group through an adventure you will not soon forget. Escape House is setting a new standard for Escape Rooms.
Suite 111 on the Northeast end of the first level

For over 15 years PowerPlay Entertainment Center has been a premier place for family fun in Kansas City. We have arcade games and attractions geared for every age group. Come ready to play old-school classics or join in on the virtual reality game craze at PowerPlay Arcade!
Suite 254 on the Northwest end of the second level


Arena Alive Fitness Center is available to our Fitness Members and anyone purchasing a Day Pass.  We have staff on hand to assist with any the machines and answer questions.
Suite 101 on the North side of the main level
To find out about becoming a member, visit our Membership page.

Arena Alive Fitness Classes are FREE for our Arena Alive Fitness Members and cost $5 to non-members.  To find out about becoming a member, visit our Membership page.
Suite 102 on the North side of the main level
Current Class Schedule

The first basketball league in the Kansas City area to offer the ultimate “My Player” experience designed for adult athletes. Each team & individual player has their own profile with access to game footage, statistics, & player rankings utilizing Hy-Vee Arena’s ShotTracker & PlaySight technology.
Suite 252 on the Northwest side of the second level

Kansas City eSports is an organization dedicated to bringing professionally run eSports Tournaments to the Midwest & is sponsored by Novastar Gaming Center. OUr mission is to bring professionally run eSports Tournaments at the amateur level to Kansas City and the Greater Midwest in order to create economic impact and enrich the quality of life in the region.

Suite 115 on the East of the first level


KC Crew is the largest adult sports and events company in Kansas City. Last year KC Crew had 15,000 adults in our sports leagues (Sand Volleyball, Softball, Kickball, Basketball, Cornhole, Karaoke, Pickleball, and Indoor Volleyball) and over 4,000 at one-day events. In 2018, 30% of Kansas Citians 25 to 34 played in their leagues. They also have worked directly with KCMO and Overland Park, Parks and Rec as well as the Port Authority and Hy-Vee Arena to activate unused parks and spaces to help with economic development and creating an active, connected community in our city.
Suite 326 on the West side of the third level

Sports for all abilities! Proud to partner with the communities we serve. We strive to encourage individuals with disabilities to be active, engaged, and included in adaptive sports.
Suite 253 on the Northwest side of the second level