Julia Nigro

My first introduction to the world of competitive athletics was dance at the age of 4 years old. Soon to follow were gymnastics (my main sport!), basketball, soccer, golf, and horseback riding. Several small injuries and a final knee injury ended my time in competitive sports. However, my love of physical activity never waned. During college, I taught aerobics and weight training classes. After much travel and some time in Corporate America, I made the leap into what I am passionate about – inspiring people to start and keep moving! I don’t subscribe to what convention tells us healthy looks like, but rather how a balanced life makes an individual feel. My belief is that our health is a confluence of physical and mental wellness. Both aspects are directly affected by exercise and nutrition throughout our lives. I am thrilled and honored to be the Fitness and Membership Director of Arena Alive Fitness. In addition to my position, I am a Personal Trainer focusing on functional aging. I also teach a variety of cardio, weight training and functional movement style classes. Other areas close to my heart include art, environmental consciousness, supporting local business and community, organic farming and gardening, holistic health, abolishing hunger in children, travel and laughing.

Notable Credentials

  • Personal Trainer Certification, American Council on Exercise
  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialist Certification, American Council on Exercise
  • Functional Aging Specialist, Functional Aging Institute
  • Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Arts, Regis University, Denver, Colorado

Arena Alive Fitness Center to reopened May 15th with our Noon class.

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