Instructor Profile

Flexy Body Babes

Flexy Body Babes Bootcamp’s will boost your confidence and help you reach all of your personal fitness goals! Bootcamps are the perfect balance of strength training and cardio.  Get to know our instructors!

  Mallory: Co-Owner

Area of specialty: General fitness, Pre/postnatal fitness

What attracted me to my specialty: I love general fitness because it allows me to help all people feel good about themselves and realize that they are an amazing human just as they are. I enjoy focusing on building that solid foundation of self-love and then progressing from there to really create a true lifestyle change that will last and is based off of their true desire to lead a healthy, balanced life both mentally and physically. Pre/postnatal fitness is also a passion of mine because I am a mamma-to-be and I have come to know there is A LOT of confusion in the world or pre/postnatal fitness. It is super fun to help women realized what their body is capable of while carrying a baby as well as after their little love comes into the world. Not only is it important for a mamma to know how to keep baby and herself healthy and active but it’s also super important for a mamma to feel good about herself. I love being a small part of all of that!

Favorite Hobby: I love hiking and doing active things… Anything from playing Frisbee to pickleball. You name it, I’ll try it!

Favorite Treat: My parents own a bakery so that’s tough. I love all things chocolate! I also love sour things like sour patch kids, sour straws… you get the picture.

Tip to live by: So many things come to mind!! Don’t lie to your trainer, ha! If you do they can’t help you! Also, know that it’s a process that takes time. There is no one simple fix that works for everyone so it will be a journey of trial and error to really figure out what your body responds to in the gym and in the kitchen. Oh, and, LOVE YOURSELF! Self-development is inevitable so just be open to growth and committed to yourself.

  Aja: Co-Owner

Area of specialty: General Fitness & Weight Loss

 What attracted me to my specialty: While health and fitness are passions of mine, my real passion is helping people believe in themselves and achieve what they didn’t think they were capable of doing. As a youth athlete I felt a bit lost when I was done playing sports, so I began to navigate my way through the fitness world. And after many different turns Mallory and I created Flexy to fill a gap that we saw on a daily basis, balance & confidence. I enjoy getting to know clients and working with their individual needs to help them grow to find their personal healthy lifestyle.

Favorite Hobby: When I am not “working” or working out, I like to spend time with my family and play with my dog Taz, the official Flexy pup. Relaxing and watching a movie or documentary at home is one of my personal ways to keep balance in my life.

Favorite Treat: Mexican food all the way!

Tip to live by: Believe in yourself on a daily basis, whatever you tell yourself you can do is true and visa versa! Be confident, push past your comfort zone and evolve every day.


Area of specialty: My specialty area includes working with clients on the mental side of exercise and behavior change. Basically, I serve as an additional support system for people who are making lifestyle changes and educate clients on topics such as motivation, goals setting, confidence building, and exercise adherence. I also hold a Sports Performance Coaching Certification through USA Weightlifting and specialize in training clients with an interest in strength training and the Olympic lifts.

What attracted me to my specialty: I have always lived a pretty active lifestyle and have also had an interest in human behavior and helping others. So, when thinking about what I wanted to do with my life, I decided that I wanted to combine all those things. This led me to getting a master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology which allowed me to gain knowledge about both human behavior as well as exercise science. Now I get to work with clients and help them progress toward their goals while also supporting them in making changes that will benefit both their physical and mental health.

Favorite hobby: In my free time I enjoy anything that allows me to spend time with my family and friends. I also enjoy being outside and like to go hiking and kayaking.

Favorite treat: Most people think of a favorite treat and think of a food. I prefer my treats to be in the form of deep tissue massages. It’s nice to have a massage therapist dig my knots out once in a while, so I don’t have to!

Tip to live by: Have a growth mindset. Always see failure, or a perceived failure, as an opportunity to learn and grow. Never let it keep you from moving forward.


Area of specialty: Strength training, bodybuilding, sports performance training

What attracted me to my specialty: I played sports my whole life and I truly enjoyed practice and the training aspect of preparing for competition. This passion led me to competing on stage in drug free figure competitions where I can combine my passion for sports, competing and pushing myself to levels I never imagined I could reach.

Favorite Hobby: being with my two dogs Mickey & Tito and traveling!

Favorite Treat: Ghiarardelli Caramel chocolates

Tip to live by: Get out of your comfort zone and don’t be scared to fail because success is built on failure and you will never succeed without a little bit of failure.


Area of Specialty: Yoga and general fitness

What attracted me to my specialty: I have always been into fitness and weightlifting. I love challenging myself and feeling good about my body. As far as yoga goes, I fell in love with it in 2015 when I took my first class. It gives me a way to connect with my mind, body, and spirit in a new way. Yoga gave me the tools to quiet all the chatter of the mind while strengthening my body. Yoga also pairs very well with lifting weights in that it helps to improve mind-muscle connection, improves range of motion, and improves mental focus. Yoga makes me feel good inside and out and I really enjoy sharing it with others.

Favorite Hobby: When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Isaac, and my dog, Charlie. Isaac and I love seeing live music, going to the movies, and volunteering with our church. We also just love exploring new things around Kansas City and traveling!

Favorite Treat: Mexican food or pizza! Too close to call

Tip to live by: Find the blessing in it all and don’t worry! Do your best and be okay with knowing that your best looks different day-to-day.


Areas of specialty: Athletic Enhancement, Functional Movements, General Fitness & Weight Loss, Senior Fitness, and Nutrition Counseling

What attracted me to my specialty: I grew up competing in several sports in high school and college. That led me to develop a passion for athletic enhancement training and fueling the body with proper nutrition. After I became a trainer, I learned about functional movements and training the body for “real-life” scenarios. I like to teach clients how to live a healthy lifestyle, which helps them lose weight and keep it off in the long run. More recently, I’ve learned about how fitness changes as a person ages.

Favorite Hobby: Trying new restaurants! Your girl loves to eat.

Favorite Treat: Chocolate! And fresh fruit!

Tip to live by: Be brave and take the first step towards your fitness goals! The first step is always the hardest.