Health Updates

The new 10-10-10 Rule released April 29th for Kansas City’s Phase 1 reopening has not affected Hy-Vee Arena’s current operation. Kansas City’s Phase 1 soft opening is going into effect May 6th at 12:01 AM. We are anticipating the following adjustments with the understanding that additional changes will happen as different Reopening Phases are put into place.  Updated as of May 18, 2020.

Hy-Vee Arena

Revised Business Hours

We began opening our facility on May 6th.  We have updated our hours to now include Saturday.  These hours are in affect for the businesses inside Hy-Vee Arena.  These will be in affect until and further changes are made by Kansas City, MO.

Monday – Saturday   7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Guidelines for Entering, Checking-In & Exiting

We are taking steps to reduce contact between staff and guests entering Hy-Vee Arena. If you are visiting a business at Hy-Vee Arena, please be aware of the following procedures:

1. Guests and Arena Alive Fitness members are asked to park in the North Lot and use the Northwest entrance. Guest will be escorted by a representative from the business being visited.  Please be in contact with the business you are visiting to help facilitate this procedure.

2. We currently ask all business visitors to please bring and wear a mask, ask the visiting business to supply you a mask, or one can be purchased from Hy-Vee Arena for $1 plus taxes.

3. There will be a station in the Northwest vestibule to record each visitor’s name, contact information, time of entrance, and business they are visiting.

4. When leaving, the business representative will escort the visitor out through the same location, and Hy-Vee Arena will record the departure time.

5.  We are installing plastic shields at our Guest Services desk located at our East Entrance.  This entrance is currently not open while we transition through the reopening phases.  At this time, we ask you use the Northwest entrance as indicated above.

Arena Alive Fitness

We are so excited to announce that Arena Alive Fitness at Hy-Vee Arena will be re-opening on Friday, May 15th in accordance with Kansas City, Missouri guidelines. Most importantly we are thrilled to invite you, our treasured members back to Arena Alive Fitness to continue your health and fitness journeys.

Due to current restrictions, the courts and track will not be accessible at this time. They will be available as soon as guidelines allow. Now is the perfect time for all you ballers and runners to come check out the fitness center!

Revised Fitness Center Hours

Beginning May 15th and until changes are made by Kansas City, MO, we will be open

Monday-Saturday 7:00am-7:00pm – Fitness Center

Monday-Friday Noon – 12:30 PM – LIVE Class (Classes limited to 18 people)

We hope you will continue to make health and fitness a priority and schedule an appointment (not required but suggested) to come in.  Email our Membership Director to reserve your spot! Those who schedule workouts and class times will have priority over walk-ins.

Guidelines for Entering, Checking-In & Exiting

  • Members entering and exiting Arena Alive Fitness.
    • Park in North Parking lot, Enter in Northwest doors.
    • Exit the Northeast door by member check-in inside fitness center
    • The main East entrance and parking are NOT open.
  • We are capturing names and phones numbers for all entering the facility based on the latest 10-10-10 regulation recommendations.

You will then go inside the fitness center and check in as a member of Hy-Vee Arena and Arena Alive Fitness.

Fitness Center Safety Procedures

Please remember things are changing daily in our current environment. We at Arena Alive Fitness and Hy-Vee Arena are committed to adapting and changing to best serve our members and keep them safe. Please continue to check our website for latest information.

  • Most importantly, please don’t come to the fitness center if you’ve been diagnosed with coronavirus, you’ve been in close proximity to someone who has recently had the coronavirus, if you’re feeling sick, you have a fever, you have a cough or you’re experiencing general difficulty breathing.
  • Please maintain good hygiene and continue to wash your hands frequently.  We will have hand sanitizer, hospital grade gym wipes and disinfectant spray bottles (just like normal, but more plentiful) available for use throughout the fitness center.  We encourage you to also bring your own bottle of hand sanitizer with you.
  • As always, proper gym etiquette is expected. We ask that you remember to wipe down all fitness equipment after use (feel free to wipe it down prior to use as well).  Our team will also be disinfecting all equipment and flooring as well. No outside equipment will be allowed in the fitness center.
  • Although wearing a face mask is not required, it is recommended by the CDC and encouraged at Arena Alive Fitness. Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves for your safety.  We understand that working out in a mask will not be easy and we ask that you do so with caution. Please bring your own masks. If you do not have one, we will have them available for purchase. We are also asking that you bring a towel for sweat. Now more the ever it is important that we continue to wipe our sweat off and not let it contaminate things and people around us.
  • Please note that we are mandated and reserve the right to limit occupancy and class size in the physical space to maintain effective physical distancing practices. You will notice arrows on the floors to ensure everyone is going in the same direction much like we are experiencing at big stores. Fitness staff will be helping to ensure everyone abides by physical distancing rules, staying 6′ away from others. We have done a little rearranging to comply with social distancing requirements.
  • In addition, there will be distinct 10ft x 10ft areas where you can perform your workout if you are not using machines. We ask that you take the equipment you’ll need for your workout into your area and remain there until you are finished. Then you can wipe down what you used and put it away. Again, staff will be there to assist or if you have questions.
  • The lockers in the fitness center will be available for use as normal. We are requesting that you refrain from bringing in more personal items than necessary. We will have bathroom access however the locker rooms and showers will not be available.

Any visitor showing signs of illness including a fever and/or cough may be asked to leave the facility immediately.

We are taking precautionary measures to protect patrons, athletes, and staff including:
• Increasing the amount of soap and hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility,
• Front Desk staff will be wearing face mask and gloves at all times,
• Installing plexy glass shield to separate visitors from employees,
• Employees will stay behind the shield and maintain a distance of 6 feet,

Everyone should be practicing good health hygiene. Here are some tips to help make sure we all stay healthy:
• If you’re feeling even slightly under the weather or you’re running a fever, please stay home,
• Wash your hands after using the restroom and before eating for AT LEAST 20 seconds,
• Avoid touching your face,
• Sneeze or cough into your arm, not your hands,
• Avoid shaking hands and high-fives,
• Avoid drinking from the same cup or bottle as someone else,
• People over 60 years old and anyone with a compromised immune system or serious, chronic medical condition (like heart disease, diabetes or lung disease) should avoid crowds as much as possible.

For more information on COVID-19, how to minimize exposure, transmission, and local government updates, visit:

CDC Website

Kansas City, MO:

Unified Government of Kansas City, KS:

Johnson County:

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