Instructor Profile

Marco Hutch – Kickboxing Instructor

I am grateful to be where I am today.  The strength and perseverance I have keeps me striving to always get better.  Early in my amateur career, I lost a bout.  That taught me to keep going.  You need to learn from your losses or keep making the same mistakes.  Keep improving, getting better and level up.  I bring that same mentality to my students.  Be willing to take that the time to improve yourself and things will change for the better.

If you get stuck on the same bad habits, same bad routines, you won’t go anywhere.  Level up, level up, level up!  It takes just one small step and patience.  Be patient with yourself.  Any step you take today adds to the strides you can make.

I have been preaching for years to get up and fight for your inner peace.  To get that peace, you have to be active.  You have to go to the gym and work out.

Born: 07-20-1993
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Current City: Kansas City, MO
Nickname: Afro Samurai
Amateur record: 11-1 (3x middleweight champ)
Pro record: 3-2
Achievements: Brawl Inc Champion (AM), Shofight Champion(AM), Uncivil War Champion(AM).
Highest win streak: 9x